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What is christmas about

Who killed santa claus?

Who did kill santa?  Well actually the spirit of christmas hasn't died, it's still a happy and merry season despite what many may say whether you are looking for inspiration on where to go and what to do over the annual christmas and new festive season. is the ideal place to visit to see recommendations from ordinary people. Natural likes passed onto you by satisfied customers. Why not go to a winter wonderland with the children this christmas to Lapland the place where Santa lives.
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Greater selection of christmas tree farms

  An increase in christmas tree farms added to directory This week there has been a significant increase in the number of christmas tree farms  Included into the directory all within an hour's driving distance these can be found in the surrounding counties of Essex Surrey Kent Sussex Hertfordshire. All of them offering a great family day out along with other fun activities like visit real farms interacting with real animals, santa shops and sant grotto's Check out the dedicated christmas tree directory page to see  the latest additions to the christmas  shopping directory London

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Discover more about the christmas directory from the many other related sites  1 . a wiki site to learn how to use the directory 2. a web site expelling the directory  3.www.  alternative site 4   alternative site 5. www.  a fun site enjoy the excitement of christmas 6. latest site to be opened  7. learn more about the christmas directory online 8 alternative site to visit 9. alternative site 10. the alternative site 11. alternative website address These links in one place for quick and simple reference are the current web spaces run by you should visit this site to actually use the directory of christmas shopping ✋👬👭👮

A new news feed page is available on the main website

There is now a news-feed page  Everyday regular updated news from the internet Up to 100 news items to keep site visitors informed of what's is going to open in the run up to christmas. In the past few weeks there are more businesses gaining confidence and also many more event organisers are planning and opening spectacular christmas themed events at venues all across the uk. Click the christmas new-feed-link to view the latest updates 👍👍🎄🎅📰🗞📻📺💻🖥✆☎☏📞📣📧📬 Spread the word by any means possible don't miss out on the good tidings

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To quickly learn more about what the directory is  You can visit the yelp description page or either the who killed santa wiki page for instructions on using the site. More details available here Yelp Page                Discover more about what the main web site does                      The dedicated christmas directory for small local businesses Wiki Page For Mini tutorials on using the site                     

New Facebook group opening

There is a Facebook group to review customer service from business    The group reviews exposes business with good or bad phone support services Every body is invited to join the group for longterm Facebook members, to give their views recommendations and advice for businesses they have encountered on the internet especially online shopping business where it was either a joy to easily find a phone contact or a disaster or even neigh on impossible.  Head over there now and join the customer services conversation 
 Introducing new phone contact-ability score. The directory now has a several new functions and useful to know information about any listing submitted onto the directory or hand picked to appear via the Admin. Introducing phone contact ability review ratings for each listing.  Using this new function each listing can be give a star rating from one star to five stars. 5 ✵✵✵✵✵ stars  = Good: the top rating a phone contact is visible on the front page either at the top or by easily scrolling down to the footer, or easily accessible after only one click from the front page. 4 ✵✶✶✶ stars = Social pages: but to find a phone contact although not difficult required a little more work than for the top star rating, or a phone contact was found but only after first clicking through to the social page on the website.  3 ✶✶✶ Stars = Phone contact Found: but only after some difficult and a fair bit of clicking and scrolling. 2 ✶✶ Stars = No phone contacts on Website or Email contacts only that ma