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Who killed santa claus?

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Monday, 14 December 2020

The new improved website


The new website for this season 2020 and for next year and beyond is now at the final stages of being fully tested. The improvements are 
1. Site is much more UK and London Centric.
2. Categories are much more natural and UK  friendly to UK Businesses
3. More Categories regularly added to suit UK businesses
4. Categories and searches to reflect modern British businesses 
5. New internet related categories that allows people to be found who do not have a physical office
6. Online is now an official recognised category to list under if you only trade online.
7. Visitors can search the online category to find your business.
8. Extensive local and area specific region names relating to the UK not google's America only.
9. Every listing has an equal chance of being seen on all web pages.
10. Searches will look for similar results that gives all listings a chance of being found.

All of this is good for searchers who get shown not only what they search for but also for business listed,whose details get put before anybody searching.

SIGN UP NOW or Search Now  https://www.whokilledsantaclaus.com 🎄🎅

Monday, 26 October 2020

Christmas shopping Directory season 2020

A brief announcement about links on the site


All registered members and advertisers web links are manually checked by admins before being verified to
       appear on the site, this gives you our visitors protection against not finding the content you need. 
       This verification takes place regularlary, to ensure the directory is up to date with only the latest 
       working pages of an advertisers web link. 

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Update on recent activity and covid19 adjustments.

 we have a blog space specifically for covid19 news updates

Covid19 and the recent three tier quarantine approach in the UK means that christmas this year is still undecided at least by the Government of the UK and many local or borough councillors. The new is full of contradictory reports with many foretelling of doom and gloom, yet at the same time an awful lot of business are now beginning to pre prepare for christmas, hoping for a brisk trading season as usual. Whilst some are still announcing that as yet they are undecided asking site visitors to "check back later". Many others are claiming to open with extra social distancing measures in place. Wearing of face masks inside is  now the normal minimum requirement to visit their trading premises. 

It remains to be seen how the general public will respond to the apparent worsening conditions regarding infections rising during the predicted second wave of cases. For regular season 2020 covid19 christmas updates visit the separate blog. Also you will be kept update on the normal news pages of the main site who killed santa .

Finally apologises for the blandness of some webpages on our two blogs lately, have had problems uploading images. 

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

How will UK cope with three tier lockdown regulations at christmas time

Christmas 2020 what will happen 

Many businesses are uncertain what will happen for the christmas 2020 season, due to the ongoing covid19 coronavirus situation. Many traditional christmas markets festivals and fairs usually very popular activities especially in the UK are either going to open a reduced event with limited numbers and social distancing rules, whilst others are still undecided and has e left notices to this effect on their respective websites.

Please always check with the event operators or organisers on the current situation whokilledsantaclaus.com will post regular updates on the appropriate pages of the website visit here


Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Get ready to promote Christmas 

Now is the time to begin to prepare and plan for the forthcoming holidays. Do you offer any special services that are closely christmas related or because the charity you are involved in or assist, perhaps even run yourself or maybe founded the organisation to meet a specific need.

This year the catalogue has had improvements added register now to be the first to promote your services for anything related to christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time

However for many people it is not so if you are involved with a charity or organisation that can assist anybody who is seriously affected by christmas. Register now and select the appropriate category from within the members area for your business, charity or aid organisation. 

Monday, 14 October 2019

The year has gone so quickly

It's upon us once again

The season of goodwill and peace to all people.
There have been many changes to the site https://www.whokilledsntaclaus.com  a new revised section has been added with searchable categories and the login and registration system has been overhauled. The upgraded site is completely mobile friendly and looks much better than previously on all devices.

The new layout is designed for easier use on mobile devices members have access to their own editing suite to make their ads really stand out.

There is now also a two tier login and registration system for added security. 

Visit the christmas catalogue today and promote your business, special event function or service that you offer at christmas time.

Saturday, 23 February 2019

The new Christmas catalogue for the year 2019

The Christmas catalogue is now open for submissions. Be prepared and ready for next season place your free ads now search our large range of categories.

Categories available and growing weekly

  1. Services 
  2. Party organisers
  3. Parties and events
  4. Christmas Sales
  5. Pyrotechnics
  6. Firework displays
  7. Concerts
  8. Festivals
  9. Parades
  10. Christmas Markets
  11. Christmas Trees
  12. Christmas tree decorations
  13. Christmas decorations
  14. Restaurants
  15. Pubs clubs and bars
  16. Charities at Christmas
  17. Volunteers for Christmas
  18. Corporate events 
  19. Hire 
  20. Vehicle hire
Plus within each of these selection of categories there are other categorise. With the option to list your business or service in related categories.